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Photo of a fern.

Words that rhyme with -urn

List of words that end with a "urn " sound

Photo of Bern, Switzerland

Bis forBern

Bern is the defacto capital city of Switzerland. It has a population of around 134,000.

Bis forBurn

Something is burning if it is on fire. Many things can be burnt, but wood, coal and paper are the most common things to burn.
Photo of milk churns

Cis forChurn

Churning is the process of constantly stirring cream to turn it into butter. The container that you use to churn in is also called a churn.
Photo of a woman with money

Eis forEarn

You earn something when it is given to you in exchange for your work. Most people earn money by working in their regular jobs. You can also earn someone's respect, or earn a medal because of your actions.
Photo of some fern fronds

Fis forFern

Scientific name: division: pteridophyta
A fern is a type of plant that is not as advanced as trees and flowers. The leaves of a fern are called fronds. Fronds start off tightly curled and uncurl as they grow. Ferns don't grow from seeds, instead they grow from primitive spores. Spores are found in little lumps on the bottom of the fern's fronds, and when they fall out of the lumps they look like fine dust. There are thousands of different kinds of fern.
Photo of a lantern

Lis forLantern

A lantern is a protective or decorative case for a light of some kind, often a candle or oil lamp. Lanterns can be made of glass and metal like in the picture, or made of paper in interesting shapes.
Photo of a maidenhair fern
Scientific name: adiantum aethiopicum
Maidenhair ferns are a popular houseplant. They have very distinctive fronds that don't look at all like 'traditional' fern fronds. The fronds look more like leaves, but they still start tightly curled up like other ferns. Like most ferns they like damp, shady places.
Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria (VIC) in Australia. It has a population of around 4 million.
A man returning from duty in the army

Ris forReturn

You return when you come back after being away. If you take something and put it back later, you return it. The man in the picture is returning from time away.

Sis forSaturn

Saturn is the second-largest planet in our solar system, and the sixth from the sun. It is surrounded by rings. Saturn is 1,426,725,400km from the Sun. Its radius is 60,268km.