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Photo of soup.

Words that rhyme with -oop

List of words that end with a "oop " sound

Cis forCoop

A coop is a cage, generally in the ground, for keeping animals like chickens inside. To coop up means to keep someone in a small space, for example "my apartment is so small I'm all cooped up in there".
Photo of drooping flowers

Dis forDroop

Something droops if it bends over and down. Things might droop because they are tired or unsupported. Some plants and flowers naturally have a drooping growth pattern.
Photo of cherries

Dis forDrupe

A drupe is a kind of fruit that has a single seed in a hard shell in the middle of the fruit. Examples of drupes are cherries, plums, olives and apricots.

Gis forGroup

A group is a number of related things, together. The photo is of a group of women about to go on a race.
A hula hoop is a large ring, usually made of brightly colored plastic. You put it around your waist and swing your hips around so the hoop swirls around you and doesn't fall to the ground.
Photo of bags with loop handles

Lis forLoop

A loop is made by taking something long and thin and bending it over so it encloses a space in the middle. A loop might cross over itself or just curve around. The bag handles in the photo are all made out of loops. When you tie your shoelaces you make two big loops in the knot.
Photo of scoops of cookie batter

Sis forScoop

A scoop is a kind of spoon that is deep and shaped like a hemisphere. A scoop might also mean something made with a scoop, for example a scoop of icecream.
Photo of a bowl of soup

Sis forSoup

Soup is a food that is made by cooking things like meat and vegetables in water with herbs and spices. Soup is usually very runny, and you have to eat it with a spoon not a knife and fork.
Stoop means to bend your head and shoulders down towards the ground.
Photo of a group of monkeys
A group of monkeys is called a troop.