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Photo of the Egyptian flag

Words that rhyme with -ipt

List of words that end with a "ipt " sound

Photo of someone clipping their toenails

Cis forClipped

Clipped is the past tense of clip.
A crypt.

Cis forCrypt

A crypt is a room built into the ground that is used as a burial place, similar to a grave.

Dis forDipped

Dipped is the past tense of dip.

Eis forEgypt

Egypt is a country bridging north Africa and Asia. The capital of Egypt is Cairo. People in Egypt speak Arabic.
Photo of a boy doing a backflip

Fis forFlipped

Flipped is the past tense of flip.
Photo of a dog nipping

Nis forNipped

Nipped is the past tense of nip, for example "her behaviour was nipped in the bud".
Photo of a torn mattress

Ris forRipped

Ripped is the past tense of rip. Something that has been damaged by being ripped is described as being ripped. A similar word to ripped is torn.

Sis forSipped

Sipped is the past tense of sip.

Zis forZipped

Zipped is the past tense of zip.