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Photo of a fissure

Damage & Destruction

Words to do with the breaking and undoing of things.

Photo of blots of paint

Bis forBlot

A blot is an uneven spot or stain. When you say blot, you usually mean a blot of ink on paper.
Photo of someone breaking an egg

Bis forBreak

You break something when you damage it or split it into many pieces violently or with a lot of force. The woman in the picture is breaking an egg.

Bis forBroken

Something is broken if it is so badly damaged it can't be used for its original purpose. For example, a chair is broken if a leg has come off and you can't sit on it. The cup in the picture is shattered so badly it no longer holds coffee. Some things that are broken can be fixed, but not all.
Photo of poker chips

Cis forChip

A chip is a small piece of something, most commonly a piece of potato, deep fried to make potato chips. A chip is used in gambling to represent money.
Photo of rust

Cis forCorrode

Corroding is the process by which something becomes corroded. Metals usually corrode by a slow chemical reaction.
Photo of corroded rails

Cis forCorroded

Something is corroded if it is showing damage from being slowly eaten away. Many metals become corroded over time by a slow chemical reaction. Iron becomes rusted as it corrodes.
Photo of corroded metal
Corrosion is what appears on something that is corroded, or the process of something becoming corroded.

Cis forCrack

A crack is a long, thin break in something. Cracks are usually found in something big and hard, like a wall or a concrete building.
Photo of a paper plane

Cis forCrease

A crease is a line that has been made in a surface, usually by bending or folding it. People get creases in their skin in places that move, like around their eyes. The piece of paper in the picture has creases in it from where someone has folded it into the shape of a paper plane.
Photo of damaged tomatoes

Dis forDamage

Damage is some kind of harm that is caused to something else, which doesn't completely break or destroy it but does reduce its usefulness or value. The tomato in the picture has been damaged by birds.