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Photo of love hearts.

Words that rhyme with -uv

List of words that end with a "uv " sound

Photo of a child above a soldier

Ais forAbove

Something is above something else it it is higher up. In the picture, the child is above the soldier.
Photo of white doves

Dis forDove

Scientific name: family: columbidae
Doves and pigeons are very closely related. The word 'dove' is usually used for smaller, paler varieties of pigeon. The classic dove is white.
Photo of some foxgloves

Fis forFoxglove

Scientific name: digitalis purpurea
The digitalis, or foxglove, is a very attractive garden plant that has flowers in various shades of pink. It is a biennial, native to western Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. The entire plant is toxic, from roots to flowers. It is toxic fresh and dried, and if you have a vase of foxglove flowers, the water in the vase will be toxic too. A large enough dose will kill you, smaller doses cause hallucinations, nausea and severe headaches. It is toxic to people and animals, including cats and dogs.
Photo of gloves on a fence.

Gis forGlove

Gloves are a piece of clothing you wear on your hands to keep them warm, or to stop your hands getting damaged by holding something sharp or rough. Gloves can be made of fabric, leather or most often they are knitted.
Photo of an old couple in love

Lis forLove

When you really, really like someone or something, you love them. Some people will do almost anything for someone or something they love. Love can be a powerful force that can override other emotions and common sense. Love is what keeps married couples together for a long, long time.
Photo of a man shoving another man

Sis forShove

You shove something when you push it roughly. The man in the picture is shoving another man into a swimming pool.