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Photo of a cat inside a box.

List of placements

Ways you can place things, relative to other things.

Photo of a child above a soldier

Ais forAbove

Something is above something else it it is higher up. In the picture, the child is above the soldier.
Photo of a road sign that says road work ahead

Ais forAhead

Something is ahead of you if it is in front, or perhaps in the future. For example, "you are getting too far ahead of me" or "my schedule is running ahead of time".

Ais forAskew

Askew means that something is crooked or uneven. The house in the picture is askew.
Photo of a tiger hiding behind a tree

Bis forBehind

Something is behind you if you cannot see it - your back is facing it rather than your front. The tiger in the picture is behind a tree.
Photo of the underneath of a cat

Bis forBelow

Something is below something else if it is lower down than it, with the other thing above. This photo was taken from below a cat.
Photo of two women sitting beside each other.

Bis forBeside

Two things are beside each other if they are next to each other, facing the same direction. The two women on the bench are sitting beside each other, or side by side.
Photo of a cat between two dogs

Bis forBetween

Something is between if it is in the space in the middle of two other things. The cat in the picture is eating dinner between two dogs.
Photo of a stack of toys

Bis forBottom

The bottom of something is the lowest point. The orange horse is at the bottom of the stack of toys. Bottom is also a slang term for your buttocks.
Photo of a vase at the centre of a table

Cis forCenter

The center of something is the midpoint, equally distant from all the edges. The vase of flowers is in the center of the table.
Photo of frogs in a corner

Cis forCorner

Corners are where two or more surfaces or lines meet, usually at right angles. A square has four corners, a cube has six, and a circle has none. The frogs are hiding in the corner of their tank.