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Photo of a woman smiling.

List of emotions

Feelings and facial expressions from happy to sad and all things in between.

Ais forAfraid

You are afraid of something when you are scared of something and you just want to run away from it.
An agitated swan

Ais forAgitated

When someone is agitated, they show in their behaviour that they are anxious, upset and nervous.

Ais forAgony

Agony is a state of extreme pain. It might be physical or emotional pain. The woman in the photo is in agony.
Photo of an angry man

Ais forAnger

Anger is what you are feeling when you are angry.
Photo of an angry man

Ais forAngry

Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure. Another word for angry is mad. People often get angry when they don't get their way, or when someone disagrees with them. The person in the picture is angry.
Photo of an annoyed cat

Ais forAnnoyed

If someone or something is annoying you, you are annoyed. If you annoy someone for long enough, they will become angry.

Ais forAnxious

Anxious is another word for worried or nervous. When you are anxious you can be afraid of something other people might find normal, like answering the phone. If you're worried or nervous all the time, you may have an anxiety disorder.
Photo of a dog in bliss

Bis forBliss

Bliss is a state of extreme happiness, joy and contentment.

Bis forBlush

You blush when your skin goes red, either because you are embarassed or ashamed.

Bis forBored

You are bored when you have nothing to do, or you don't want to do anything. The man in the picture is bored.