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Adjectives that start with E

Adjectives that start with E

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Photo of edible fruits

Eis forEdible

Something is edible if you can eat it and it isn't dangerous. Many things that we don't normally have at mealtimes are edible, such as flowers and leaves of some garden and wild plants.
Photo of an Egyptian man

Eis forEgyptian

Egyptian means anything relating to Egypt, or a person from Egypt.
Photo of an elaborate vase
Something is elaborate if it has been made with great care and with lots of intricate detail. The vase in the picture is quite elaborate. The opposite of elaborate is simple.
Photo of an elastic band

Eis forElastic

Something is elastic if it snaps back to its original size after it has been stretched. There are many uses for things with elastic properties. rubber bands and the elastic in clothing are just two uses for elastic materials.

Eis forElderly

Someone is elderly if they are in their older age. Elderly is a politer way of saying old.
Photo of an elegant woman

Eis forElegant

Something or someone is elegant if it is gracefully refined and dignified.
Emotional means anything to do with the emotions.More commonly, it means someone who is prone to emotional extremes, mood swings, or describes something that provokes a strong emotional response. For example, "that film is very emotional".
Photo of men pouring cement

Eis forEmployed

You are employed if you have a job. Employed is also the past tense of employ.

Eis forEmpty

Something is empty if there is nothing inside. The room in the picture is empty.
Photo of a barnacle encrusted rock
Something is encrusted if it is covered in a layer of something else. Usually when you talk about something being encrusted, the layer is made up of lots of small things. Some expensive jewelry is encrusted with diamonds, and the rock in the picture is encrusted with barnacles.