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Adjectives that start with I

Adjectives that start with I

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Two or more things are identical if they look exactly the same. The two men in the photo are identical twins.

Iis forIdle

You are idle if you are not doing anything productive with your time. Another word for idle is lazy.
Something that is noticeably not perfect is described as imperfect.

Iis forIn

Something is in something else if it is contained in it somehow. The cat in the picture is going in the box. The opposite of in is out.
Photo of an unfinished painting
Something is incomplete if it hasn't been finished yet. A similar word to incomplete is unfinished. The opposite of incomplete is complete or finished.
An empty room.

Iis forIndoor

You are indoors if you are inside a house or other building. An indoor version of something is one that is meant to be kept or used indoors, for example an indoor plant.
Photo of some industrial objects
Something is industrial if they are used for or by industry. This usually means heavy manufacturing or large scale production, like ore refining. Industrial objects are usually very big, heavy and dirty. The opposite of industrial is domestic.
Photo of a dog with an injured leg

Iis forInjured

Someone or something is injured if they are hurt or damaged. The dog in the picture has an injured leg.
An inquisitive cat
Inquisitive is another word for curious. It means you are wanting to investigate and learn new things.
Photo of an intricate carving
Something is intricate if it has many small parts, connected in a complicated way. The carving in the picture is intricately done.