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Adjectives that start with R

Adjectives that start with R

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Rapid river water.

Ris forRapid

Rapid describes very fast movement. The water in a river often moves at a rapid pace.

Ris forRapt

Rapt means that you're engrossed in doing or paying attention to something.
Something is rare if you don't see it very often. It is very rare to see a person with different colored eyes. Another word for rare is uncommon. The opposite of rare is common.
Photo of raw meat

Ris forRaw

Something is raw if it hasn't been cooked yet. The picture is of some raw meat. Anything that needs a lot of preparation to get to the finished product can also be called raw, such as raw cotton that needs to be spun and woven into cloth.

Ris forRetro

Retro is a style where things that were fashionable many years ago are back in fashion again. A retro style can be achieved by using actual old items, or by making new things that have an old look.

Ris forRibbed

Something is ribbed if it has a raised pattern on it or markings that look a bit like ribs.
Photo of ripening tomatoes

Ris forRipe

A fruit or vegetable is ripe if it is fully grown, and is sweet or otherwise ready to eat. The red tomato on the left of the picture is ripe, the other two are still ripening. They are under ripe.
Photo of a torn mattress

Ris forRipped

Ripped is the past tense of rip. Something that has been damaged by being ripped is described as being ripped. A similar word to ripped is torn.
Photo of a rough surface

Ris forRough

Something is rough if you touch it and you can easily feel all the little bits that make it up, and those little bits are hard and sharp. If you fall over on a rough surface you are likely to skin your knees. Some things, like sandpaper, are rough so they can be used to scrape the surface off something else. The opposite of rough is smooth.
Photo of a round hole.

Ris forRound

Something is round if it has the same shape as a circle or a sphere. The hole in the piece of wood in the picture is round. Round is also a short form of around.