Animals starting with M

List of animals that start with M

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Photo of macaws
Photo by Jay Dodge
Scientific name: ara macao

Macaws are a group of parrots found in tropical areas. The most recognizable kind of macaw is the scarlet macaw in the picture. Macaws are often kept as pets.

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Photo of maggots
Photo by echoforsberg

Maggot is the common name for the larvae of flies. Flies typically lay their eggs or put live maggots onto rotting food that they find. Maggots are very commonly seen in carrion. The maggots eat the food, grow bigger and then pupate and turn into flies.

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Magpies are a black and white bird related to the crow. They are very intelligent. They eat dead animals they find, insects and anything else they find that they can eat.
The magpie in the picture is an Australian magpie.

Photo of a maine coon cat
Photo by Dan Hershman

Maine coons are one of the largest cat breeds. They are from the United States, where it is thought they might have come about from local cats breeding with bobcats. They are gentle cats, with long, flowing hair and sometimes tufts on the ends of their ears.

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Maltese are small toy or lap dogs with silky white hair. They are an ancient breed, and were used as a lap dog by ladies in Roman times. They have black eyes and a black nose, which gives them a very "cute" appearance. Maltese are cuddly companion dogs, and thrive on attention but can be snappy around children. They have a reputation for being a yappy dog.

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Photo of a mammal
Photo by Shawn Henning

A mammal is a creature with warm blood, is covered in hair and feeds its babies with milk.

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Scientific name: family: trichechidae, genus: trichechus

Manatees, also called sea cows, are mammals closely related to the dugong. They grow to around 3 meters long, and weigh around 4,000 pounds (1,700kg). They eat plants in fairly shallow water around the coast and in rivers.

Photo of a mandarin duck
Photo by Gerwin Sturm
Scientific name: aix galericulata

Mandarin ducks are a very striking and attractive kind of duck originally from China and parts of Russia. As with most birds, the female of the species is a dull brown.

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Photo of a manx cat
Photo by Sarah Jones

Manx cats are originally from the Isle of Man. They have a mutation of the spine that leaves them with either a very short tail or no tail at all.

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Photo of a mare.
Photo by JD Lamb

A mare is a female horse. A male horse is called a stallion and a baby horse is called a foal.

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