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List of spaces and areas

Spaces and areas, regions and zones. Large spaces with no single purpose.

Photo of a sign that says area

Ais forArea

An area is a part of any surface. Areas are usually separated from everything around them by some kind of boundary, such as a fence or a line drawn around them on a piece of paper. Area also describes the total size of that area. Different shapes have different formula for calculating how big they are.
Photo of a field

Fis forField

A field is a large area of ground that is used either to grow crops or for farm animals to graze on. Fields usually have a fence around the edge.

Pis forPaddock

A paddock is a large open space, surrounded by a fence, that is used for keeping animals such as horses, cows and sheep in.

Zis forZone

A zone is an area that is clearly different from other areas around it. An example might be a dry zone, where people are not allowed to drink alcoholic drinks.