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Photo of a shield

Words that rhyme with -ield

List of words that end with a "ield " sound

Photo of a concealed cat
Something is concealed if it is hidden or kept secret. The cat in the picture is concealed by the plants.
Photo of a field

Fis forField

A field is a large area of ground that is used either to grow crops or for farm animals to graze on. Fields usually have a fence around the edge.
Photo of a peeled apple

Pis forPeeled

Something is peeled if it has had its peel or skin removed. Peeled is also the past tense of peel.
Photo of a blue shield

Sis forShield

A shield is a protective device that is used to stop you getting hurt by people attacking you with weapons like swords. Shields were usually made from wood or leather, and were decorated with pictures or patterns.
Photo of the old Capital building in Springfield
Springfield is the capital of the state of Illinois in the United States of America. It has a population of around 208,000.
Photo of someone wielding a sword

Wis forWield

You wield something if you hold it and use it. You most commonly wield weapons and tools. People can also wield power.
A yield sign.

Yis forYield

Yield means to wait, defer to or give preference to something. When driving, a yield sign means that the driver facing the sign must stop and wait for other cars to pass before continuing to drive.