Photo of squash.

List of foods that start with S

Food and drinks, from complete dishes to flavorings and beyond.

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Scientific name: crocus sativus

Saffron is a spice made from the dried stigma of the saffron crocus. Saffron gives a strong golden yellow color to food.

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Scientific name: salvia officinalis

Sage is a shrub originally from the Mediterranean region. It has pale greyish furry leaves, and grows all year around. Is used to flavour fatty meat dishes, and as an ingredient in sausages in some countries. It is very commonly used with onions as stuffing for chicken or pork.

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Photo of sake
Photo by Chad Kainz

Sake is an alcoholic Japanese drink made from fermented rice.

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Photo of a salad
Photo by Catsper

A salad is a dish that is mainly made up of raw vegetables, sometimes with a dressing like vinegar. Sometimes salads also have cooked meat, fruit, cooked vegetables or other things like nuts in them. Salads are usually served cold as a side dish at dinner or lunch time.

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Photo of salt mounds.
Photo by Alicia Nijdam

Salt is a mineral that is essential to all animal life, but is toxic to most land plants. Salt is found in the sea, in your blood and sweat and in solid form as rock salt away from the sea.
Salt is collected to use for making food either by mining a deposit of rock salt, or by evaporating salty water until only the salt is left behind.
The photo is of the surface of a salt lake with piles of salt scraped into mounds, ready to take away.

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A sandwich is made from two pieces of bread with some kind of filling in between. The filling can be ham, chicken, tomato, lettuce, cheese, jam or anything else you think will taste good on a sandwich!

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Scientific name: sardina pilchardus

Sardines and pilchards are a group of small, oily fish. In some places, a small pilchard is called a sardine and a large sardine is called a pilchard. They can be eaten grilled, pickled or smoked. Sardines are most commonly bought in cans. They are eaten bones and all and are an excellent source of minerals.

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Photo of satay sauce
Photo by Avlxyz

A sauce is a liquid that is used to add flavor to food. Sauces can be served by pouring them on top of food, or by having them on the side, like the dipping sauce in the picture. Two of the most popular sauces are soy sauce and tomato sauce, or ketchup. Gravy is a sauce made to accompany meat, and chutney is a thick sauce made from spice and vegetables.
Sauces can be any thickness, from really watery to very thick and chunky.

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Photo of sausages
Photo by Avlxyz

A sausage is a long, thin meat product. They are made from a mixture of minced meat, cereals (often just breadcrumbs) and spices, in a thin casing to keep them in shape. The filling in a hotdog is a type of sausage. Sausages are usually eaten fried, grilled or BBQ'ed, with mashed potato, but there are lots of other ways to eat them.
Sausages come in lots of different flavours and sizes. How many different types of sausage have you tried?

Photo of a sausage roll
Photo by Avlxyz

A sausage roll is a convenience food made from sausage mince, wrapped in pastry, and baked. They are usually sold as a takeaway food, or smaller sausage rolls are a common children's party food.

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