Food starting with V

List of foods that start with V

Food and drinks, from complete dishes to flavorings and beyond.

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Photo of vanilla pods
Photo by Llahbocaj
Scientific name: vanilla planifolia

Vanilla beans are the seed pods of a kind of orchid. When they are grown outside Mexico, they need to be pollinated by hand. Vanilla has a strong, aromatic smell and is used in many different sweets, particularly icecream. The part of vanilla that makes the flavour can also be made artificially, and is a lot cheaper than natural vanilla essense.

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Photo of cooked veal
Photo by stu_spivack

Veal is meat from a young cow, generally a milk-fed one that is less than three months old.

A vegetable is any edible part of a plant that is not very sweet. Some things that are called vegetables are really fruit, like the tomato. Vegetables may be the fruit, leaves (cabbage), stems (asparagus, celery or rhubarb) or roots (carrot, turnip) of a plant.

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Photo of vinegar
Photo by Darlamw

Vinegar is a liquid made from wine, in a process that turns the alcohol in the wine into acetic acid. Vinegar has a different flavour depending on what kind of wine was used to make it. Balsamic vinegar is very dark, rice wine vinegar is very light and apple cider vinegar is yellow.
Vinegar is used to make sauces like ketchup, to preserve fruits and vegetables by pickling, and to dress salads.

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Photo of a woman holding a bottle of vodka
Photo by Tangi Bertin

Vodka is an extremely strong alcoholic drink, sometimes with as much as 40% alcohol. Vodka is made up mostly of just alcohol and water with very little other ingredients to add flavor. It is usually made from fermented grains or potatoes.

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