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Words starting with N

Words that start with N

Nine naughty newts gnaw on Nellie's necklace in New York.

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Photo of a nun

Nis forNun

A nun is a woman who has taken vows to devote her life to a religious cause. Nuns usually live in a special place like a monastery, away from mainstream society. Nuns wear a special uniform, so you can tell who they are.
Photo of a nurse

Nis forNurse

A nurse is someone who helps sick or injured people. Nurses work with doctors to help care for people and make them better.
A nut is used to fasten onto the other end of a bolt to hold things together. Nuts are threaded on the inside and are screwed onto the thread at the end of the bolt.
Photo of nuts
A nut is a seed of a plant that has a very hard outside layer. Some nuts are found inside the plant's fruit, other nuts are actually the fruit itself.
A nutcracker is a hand-held tool that is used to crack the shell of nuts. They can look either like a pair of scissors or like a V, where you put the nut inside the point of the V and squeeze to break the nut's shell.
Photo of nutmeg fruit

Nis forNutmeg

Scientific name: genus: myristica
Nutmeg comes from an evergreen tropical tree native to Indonesia. Nutmeg comes from the nut at the center of the fruit in the picture, while mace is made from the red coating that is found around the outside of the seed. Nutmeg has a strong, warm taste and is used as a spice by many different cultures, in both sweet and savory dishes.
Photo of a nymph

Nis forNymph

A nymph is a larval stage many kinds of insects go through. Nymphs tend to be quite similar to the adult insect, unlike insects like butterflies that have very different larval stage. Nymphs gradually grow to full size, shedding their skin each time they outgrow it, and the final time they shed their skin they make the transformation to their adult form.