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Photo of a purse.

Words that rhyme with -urse

List of words that end with a "urse " sound

Dis forDisperse

A group of things disperse when they all go in different directions, away from each other, and spread out. Many plants disperse their seeds on the wind. A similar word to disperse is scatter.
Photo of a hearse

His forHearse

A hearse is a car that has been especially designed to be able to fit a coffin in the back, for transportation between a funeral home and a cemetery. Before cars were invented, hearses were horse-drawn.
Photo of a nurse

Nis forNurse

A nurse is someone who helps sick or injured people. Nurses work with doctors to help care for people and make them better.
Photo of purses

Pis forPurse

The word 'purse' can have two meanings, depending on if you speak British English or not. In British English, a purse is very similar to a wallet but has a coin compartment and is only used by girls and women. Most people would use the word purse as another name for a small handbag.
Photo of some old secateurs
Secateurs, also called pruning shears, are a kind of scissor designed for cutting through the stems of plants. They have a different design to regular scissors to give them the extra strength needed to cut through wood.

Tis forThirsty

You are thirsty when you need to have a drink. When you are thirsty your mouth gets dry and you may also get cracked lips and a headache if you go too long without drinking.
A picture of the known universe from the Hubble space telescope.

Uis forUniverse

The universe describes all known matter and space. All of the planets and galaxies in existence are part of the universe. Another word for universe is cosmos.
Photo of verse on a bench

Vis forVerse

A verse is a line in a poem or part of a song.