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Words starting with O

Words that start with O

Orange orangutans avidly ogle an orchard of oleanders in Oregon.

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Photo of an overgrown garden
Something is overgrown if it is covered in growth, outside of where it should be. Gardens can become overgrown if they are neglected and left to run wild with no-one to prune the plants and pull out the weeds.
Photo of two overlapping leaves

Ois forOverlap

Two or more things are overlapping if one of them covers up some part of the other so you can't see the one behind. The two leaves in the picture are overlapping.
Something is overloaded if it is carrying a load that is too big for it. The car in the picture is overloaded.
Photo of overripe bananas

Ois forOverripe

Fruit is overripe if has become ripe and then kept going. Overripe fruit becomes soft and squishy, and may also get brown or wrinkly. Overripe fruit is not very nice to eat.
Photo of a fat cat
Someone is overweight if they weigh more than they should. People or animals are usually overweight because they are too fat.
Photo of an owl

Ois forOwl

Scientific name: order: strigiformes
Owls are birds of prey, which means they eat other animals. They usually sleep during the day and hunt at night. Owls mostly hunt small animals, insects and other birds. They are found in almost everywhere on Earth. A group of owls is called a parliament.
Photo of dog and owner

Ois forOwner

You are the owner of something if you possess it and it belongs to you. The man in the picture is the owner of the dog in the picture.
Photo of a pair of oxen.

Ois forOx

An ox, also called a bullock, is a cow that is used as a work animal, usually for pulling things like carts and ploughs. The plural of ox is oxen. Oxen are typically yoked together in pairs to pull things.
Photo of a pair of oxen.

Ois forOxen

Oxen is the plural of ox.

Ois forOyster

Scientific name: family: ostreidae
Oysters are a kind of mollusc that lives in the sea or salty water. Their shell is in two halves like a clam shell, and the oyster can pull it closed. Oysters eat by filtering food from the water that flows over its shell. They live their adult lives stuck to rocks - a young oyster that has just stuck to a rock is called a spat. Oysters have been eaten for thousands of years. They can be eaten raw, cooked, smoked or as part of another dish like soup.