Plants that start with H

List of Plants that start with H

The most well-known plants and fungi, listed by their common names.

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Scientific name: calluna vulgaris

Heather is a low growing, shrubby wild plant commonly found on the moors of Europe. It is is very tolerant of burning, clearing and grazing.

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Photo of hemlock
Photo by Paige Filler
Scientific name: conium maculatum

Hemlock is also known as Devil's porridge, beaver Poison, musquash root, cowbane or poison parsley. Hemlock is a very poisonous plant that has been used for centuries for assassinations and executions. It is extremely toxic to humans and animals, and eating any amount can cause death. It is most toxic when it is fresh.

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Photo of henna tattoos
Photo by Tela Chhe
Scientific name: lawsonia inermis

Henna is a large shrub or small tree that has been used for thousands of years as a reddish-brown dye. The dye is made from the leaves of the henna plant, and is used to dye fabric, hair and to make temporary tattoos.

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Photo of herbs
Photo by Liza

Herbs are plants that are used for either their medicinal properties, or for their flavor in cooking.

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Photo of a pink hibiscus flower
Photo by Dakota Duff
Scientific name: genus: hibiscus

Hibiscuses are tropical shrubs with big, showy flowers that only last a day. Their flowers are usually shades of red, pink or yellow. They can live in very hot, dry areas but do not tolerate frost. Some kinds of hibiscus have flowers that can be eaten or used to make tea or jam, other kinds of hibiscus are used to make paper.

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Photo of hickory trees
Photo by Normanack
Scientific name: genus: carya

Hickory are a group of deciduous trees. Some species are from China and India, some from Canada and Mexico but most are from the United States.

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Photo of European holly
Photo by Comedy_nose
Scientific name: ilex aquifolium

European holly is a flowering, evergreen small tree or shrub with glossy, prickly leaves and red berries. The berries are not good to eat, and will make you feel sick and vomit. Lots of birds and animals can eat them though. Holly is associated with Christmas.

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Photo of hops flowers
Photo by David Blaikie
Scientific name: humulus lupulus

Hops is a plant grown for its flowers, which are added to beer to make it bitter. The hop plant is a climbing plant that is usually grown up poles or on strings in a field. Hop plants can grow very fast, and climb by wrapping themselves clockwise around anything they bump into. It grows vigorously in spring but dies back to a frost-hardy bulb in autumn.

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Photo of coconut husks.
Photo by Sang Trinh

A husk is the outer layer of a seed, or the covering on a cob of corn or maize.
A husk is also used to describe the outer shell that an insect loses when it moults.
The husks in the photo are coconut husks.

Photo by Gardener41
Scientific name: hydrangea macrophylla

Hydrangeas are a flowering plant from Southeast Asia. They grow big bundles of flowers and look very nice put in a vase. Some types of hydrangea change colour depending on how acid the soil is. They grow blue flowers in acidic soil, white or pale cream flowers in neutral soil and pink or purple flowers in alkaline soils.

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