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Photo of tusks.

Words that rhyme with -usk

List of words that end with a "usk " sound

Photo of a busker

Bis forBusk

You busk when you play music or put on some other kind of performance in a public place, and people give you money.

Dis forDusk

Dusk is the time between sunset and night.
Photo of coconut husks.

His forHusk

A husk is the outer layer of a seed, or the covering on a cob of corn or maize. A husk is also used to describe the outer shell that an insect loses when it moults. The husks in the photo are coconut husks.
Photo of a sea slug

Mis forMollusc

Scientific name: phylum: mollusca
Molluscs are an extremely diverse group of creatures that includes the octopus, squid, snails and clams. Molluscs don't have skeletons. Only some molluscs have shells.
Photo of elephant tusks

Tis forTusk

A tusk is a large tooth that sticks out of the mouth of some animals. Elephants, walruses and warthogs have tusks. Elephant tusks are used to make ivory.