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Photo of a couch

Words that rhyme with -ouch

List of words that end with a "ouch " sound

Cis forCouch

A couch is another word for a sofa.

Cis forCrouch

Crouching is bending or stooping down low to the ground. Crouching can be very similar to squatting. The man in the picture is crouching down so he can take a photograph of something from a good angle.

Ois forOuch

You say ouch! when you hurt yourself. The person in the picture has a caltrop stuck in their finger. Ouch!
Photo of a pouch.

Pis forPouch

A pouch is a type of small bag that opens at the top. Pouches are often a shape that has a rounded bottom. Some animals, called marsupials have pouches.

Sis forSlouch

You slouch when you stand with a slightly drooping posture, with your shoulders forward and your stomach sticking out.