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Photo of an eye

Words that rhyme with -eye

List of words that end with a "eye " sound

Photo of dying flowers

Dis forDie

Dying is the point where something alive becomes dead. The term can also be used on things that aren't alive, to describe when things like engines and other appliances stop working.
Scientific name: infraorder: anisoptera
Dragonflies eat mosquitoes and other small insects like flies, bees, ants, and butterflies. They are usually found around water because their babies or larvae, known as nymphs, live underwater.
Photo of some dry ground

Dis forDry

Something is dry if it is free of all water. The opposite of dry is wet. You can also use the word dry as a verb, as in when you dry the dishes, or dry yourself with a towel.

Dis forDubai

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. It has a population of around 4 million.
Photo of red dye

Dis forDye

Dye is a substance that is used to change the color of something else. There are many different things that are used as dyes, and dyes can be used to make a huge variety of different colors. Some dyes are permanent, some are temporary.
Photo of an eye

Eis forEye

You have two eyes on your face, just above your nose. You use your eyes to see things. You close your eyes when you are asleep. The eye in the photo is brown.
Flying is a way of moving through the air. Most things that fly do it because they have wings, but helicopters fly by using a rotor.
Photo of a housefly
Scientific name: order: diptera
A fly is a very common insect that can fly, as the name suggests. Flies lay their eggs in rotting food or dead animals in the wild, and in your house they lay their eggs in any of your food that they find. The eggs hatch into maggots.
Photo of french fries
French fries, also known as hot chips, are made from potatoes cut into long thin strips and then deep fried in oil. They are usually served hot, with salt. Very thin chips are sometimes called French fries.
Photo of frying food

Fis forFry

Frying is a way of cooking food in a shallow pan over heat. Most things are fried in fat or oil.