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Photo of bamboo

Words that rhyme with -ooh

List of words that end with a "ooh " sound

Tis forTofu

Tofu is made from curdled soy milk. It has a firm but soft consistency, a little like a soft cheese. Tofu can be used as a meat substitute in many dishes, or cooked on its own. Tofu can be prepared in a huge variety of different ways, just as meat can.
Scientific name: dendrolagus ursinus
Tree kangaroos are very distant relatives of the kangaroo. They have adapted to life in trees, eating leaves, fruit and bark. Tree kangaroos are endangered, and are only found in the rainforests in mountainous areas of far north-eastern Australia, New Guinea and some islands in the same area.

Tis forTwo

There are two ( 2 ) chairs in the picture. If you cut something into two pieces, you get halves. The number before two is one. The number that comes after two is three.
Photo of uluru

Uis forUluru

Uluru, formerly known as Ayer's Rock, is a large rock formation in the center of Australia. It is a sacred site to the native Aborigines.
Photo of a nice view

Vis forView

A view is what you can see. Usually when you talk about a view, you mean something very nice that you can see, like the view of the coastline in the picture. Most people like to build their houses they they have a nice view out of their windows.
Scientific name: tradescantia zebrina
Wandering Jew, also known as spiderworts, is the common name given to several closely related plants commonly kept as houseplants. They come in both purple and plain green forms, and are very easy to grow. They take root easily and form new roots where the plant touches the ground. They can get invasive if they are left alone, and some people and pets like dogs can get allergic reactions to their sap.
Photo of yew tree berries

Yis forYew

Scientific name: taxus baccata
The yew tree is a kind of conifer originally from parts of Europe, Africa, Iran and Asia. It is a small to medium, slow-growing tree, reaching around 10 to 20 metres high. The leaves and seeds of the tree are very bitter and poisonous. The yew's pine cones are unusual, being more like a berry with a single seed. The berries are eaten by some kinds of birds.
Photo of a man pointing at the camera

Yis forYou

You is a single person being addressed. When you talk about yourself you usually say I or me. When you talk about someone else and you are talking to them, you say you. For example, you are reading this page.

Zis forZebu

Scientific name: bos primigenius indicus
A zebu is a type of cow that has a big hump on its shoulders. They are better suited to hot climates than other kinds of domestic cattle.
Photo of a monkey in a zoo

Zis forZoo

A zoo, or zoological gardens, is a place where many different kinds of animals are kept in cages so that people can come and look at them. In modern zoos, the cages are very big and very close to the environment the animals originally came from.