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Photo of a fence.

Words that rhyme with -ence

List of words that end with a "ence " sound

Photo of an audience

Ais forAudience

An audience is a group of people that are watching some kind of public event, like a concert or a speech. The people organizing the event usually hold it somewhere there are a lot of chairs, so the people in the audience can sit down while they are watching.
Photo of dense bamboo

Dis forDense

Something is dense if the parts that make it up are very close together. For example, the bamboo forest in the picture is very dense. Materials that are very dense are typically heavier, for example the same volume of lead is heavier than wood. The opposite of dense is sparse.
Photo of a horse looking over a fence

Fis forFence

A fence is a structure that people make. Fences are usually there to keep something on one side of the fence from getting to the other side, or just to mark a boundary. The horse in the picture is being kept in her paddock by the fence. Fences can be any height. In cities they are usually quite high, and on farms they are usually just high enough so whatever animal is being kept cannot jump over it.
Photo of incense sticks burning.

Iis forIncense

Incense is something that you burn, and it makes nice smelling smoke. Incense is generally made into thin stick shapes. It is made from various kinds of plants that have a pleasant smell when they are burnt.
Photo of pennies

Pis forPence

Pence is another word for pennies, or the plural of penny.
Photo of Providence, Rhode Island
Providence is the capital of the state of Rhode Island in the United States of America. It has a population of around 1.6 million.
Photo of a woman in jail
A sentence is something someone has said you must do as a punishment. The woman in the picture has been sentenced to some time in jail.
Photo of words printed in a book
A sentence is a group of words that make sense on their own, terminated by punctuation.
Photo of a very quiet lake

Sis forSilence

Silence is the state of there being no noise. When it is very quiet you might say there is silence. You may also use silence in terms of nobody talking about something for some time. For example "The celebrity is back in the media after a time of silence".
Photo of a tense woman

Tis forTense

You are tense if you are worried or stressed about something. When you are tense you tighten up your muscles. Tightening your muscles on purpose is also called tensing them.