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Photo of quinces.

Words that rhyme with -inse

List of words that end with a "inse " sound

Mis forMince

Minced meat, or ground meat, is meat that has been cut into very small pieces by a mincing machine. Meat is not the only thing that can be minced, but is prepared this way so often that it can be referred to just as mince alone.
Photo of Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Port-au-Prince is the capital of Haiti. Its population is estimated at around 800,000.

Pis forPrince

A prince is the son of a king or queen. You can also become a prince by marrying a princess.

Qis forQuince

Scientific name: cydonia oblonga
The Quince is native to southwest. It is a small deciduous tree growing 5-8 m tall and 4-6 m wide. It is related to apples and pears. The quince has a pear-shaped fruit that is bright yellow when it is ripe.
Photo of someone rinsing a tomato

Ris forRinse

You rinse something by giving it a light wash, usually under clean, running water. The person in the picture is rinsing a tomato. You often rinse something with clean water after washing it with soapy water, to get any remaining soap off.

Wis forWince

You wince when you are struck with a sudden pain. When you wince, you jerk away from the pain, or pull a pained facial expression.