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Photo of some spanners.

List of tools

Tools for making things, and for cleaning around the house. Sometimes you need the cleaning tools because you made a mess with the making tools!

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A dust mask is something you wear over your mouth and nose so you don't breathe in particles of dust or smoke. People usually wear dust masks as protection when they are on a building or contruction site.
Photo of a man wearing earmuffs

Eis forEarmuffs

Earmuffs can be for one of two purposes: first, to keep your ears warm and second, to protect your ears from loud noises. Warming earmuffs are usually soft and fluffy and are worn in very cold areas. Protective earmuffs are made mostly from plastic, and are worn by people who operate heavy, noisy machinery or work in very loud areas.
Photo of a feather duster
A feather duster is a bundle of soft feathers at the end of a stick, or handle. They are used for cleaning very fragile things, or just for general dusting around the house. The feathers are usually from an ostrich. Today you can get very similar dusters that are made from a tuft of nylon fibres rather than feathers.
Photo of files
A file is a tool made for scraping the surface of materials like wood or metal. Files are usually long and narrow, and have a side roughened by a pattern of grooves or ridges.
Photo of a fishing rod
A fishing rod, or fishing pole, is a tool used to catch fish. It uses a weighted line with a baited hook. When fish eat the bait they get caught by the hook, and the fisher reels them in using the handle you can see in the picture. Fishing rods are usually used by people who fish for sport or as a hobby, commercial fishing is done using nets.
Photo of a blacksmith using a forge

Fis forForge

A forge, or smithy, is a place a blacksmith works with metal. Forge is also the name for the very hot fire a blacksmith keeps for heating up metal until it is soft enough to work with.
A garden fork is a tool that is used for loosening soil in your garden.
Photo of a gavel

Gis forGavel

A gavel is a small wooden hammer that is used by judges to make a loud noise to bring a court to attention. Gavels are sometimes used by other official public speakers for the same reason.
Photo of a hacksaw

His forHacksaw

A hacksaw is a kind of saw typically used for cutting metal. It has a fine blade.
Photo of a hammer.

His forHammer

A hammer is a tool for hitting things. Hammers are usually used for driving nails into wood. The claw on the back of the hammer can be used for pulling nails out of things.