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Photo of some spanners.

List of tools

Tools for making things, and for cleaning around the house. Sometimes you need the cleaning tools because you made a mess with the making tools!

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His forHatchet

A hatchet is a small axe that is designed to be used in one hand.
Photo of a woman hoeing

His forHoe

A hoe is a tool used for moving soil around. Hoes are typically used for tilling ground before planting out crops.
Photo of an ice pick

Iis forIce pick

An ice pick is a tool with a pointed end that you use for breaking up a large block of ice into small chunks that you can put in your drink.
Photo of a car jack
A jack is a device for lifting heavy objects off the ground by pushing them up from underneath. Jacks are used to raise things a short distance only. They are commonly used to lift one corner of a car off the ground while you change a tyre. Jack is also a variation of the name John.
Photo of a man on a ladder

Lis forLadder

A ladder is a kind of portable staircase. Some ladders fold up, others like the one in the picture are very long and you lean them against a wall.
Photo of a boy mowing a lawn
A lawnmower is a tool for cutting the grass in your lawn. Lawnmowers come in several different types. Lawnmowers can be ride-on like a small car, and you drive them around over your lawn. This kind is good for really, really big lawns. Then there are push-mowers that don't have an engine and rely on you pushing them to spin a blade that cuts the grass. This kind are hard to use and are not very common anymore. The most common is the kind in the picture, where you push it to make it go where you want, but the blade is powered by a petrol or electric motor.
Photo of a machete

Mis forMachete

A machete is a kind of large knife that is used in tropical areas to cut through jungle or to harvest sugarcane. It is also used as a tool for cutting up food, or for carving wood. Because machetes are so common in tropical regions they are also used as a weapon.
Photo of a rubber mallet

Mis forMallet

A mallet is a type of hammer. Mallets are often made of rubber or wood, and are used where a metal hammer will be too hard. Mallets have large heads, so they do less damage to something they hit than a smaller hammer or other tool.

Mis forMatches

A match is a small stick with chemicals at one end that catch fire if they are rubbed along a rough surface. Matches are usually sold in a matchbox or matchbook that has a rough edge on one side to strike your matches on. Matches are used to light fires, candles and smoking devices like cigarettes. Match can also mean things that are similar in some way.

Mis forMop

A mop is a tool similar to a broom, but instead of having hard bristles on the end it has soft, absorbent strips of rags. Mops are usually used wet to wash floors with. They are often used with special buckets that have an attachment that wrings out the mop as it is being used.