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Verbs that start with E

Verbs that start with E

Verbs are things you do. Action words!

Eis forEat

You eat food when you put it in your mouth, chew it and then swallow it. People generally cut their food up with a knife and fork before they eat it. You can also eat food with a spoon, chopsticks or your fingers.
Photo of a mouse emerging from a pipe

Eis forEmerge

You emerge from something when you come up out of it. The mouse in the picture is emerging from a play tunnel.
Photo of a barnacle encrusted rock

Eis forEncrust

Encrusting is the process by which something becomes encrusted.
Photo of a tree engulfing a fence

Eis forEngulf

You engulf something when you swallow it up and take it over. The tree in the picture has engulfed the fence. You can also engulf yourself in something by becoming completely absorbed in it, for example "he engulfed himself in his new hobby".
Photo of some bad erosion

Eis forErode

Something gets eroded if it is being worn away. Mountains slowly erode over time and the rock they are made from turns to dirt. Erosion is only a problem if it happens too fast. When people cut down a lot of trees and plants all at the same time, there is nothing to hold the dirt together so it either gets blown away by the wind or washed away by rain. Once the soil has eroded away there is nothing to grow plants in for food, and the land becomes useless. The picture is of some bad erosion around a creek.

Eis forErupt

Something erupts when it throws something out with great force, for example when lava erupts from a volcano.
Photo of a cat escaping

Eis forEscape

You escape from something when you break away from it, or out of it. People and animals most often try and escape captivity. The cat in the picture is escaping from inside a house.
Photo of a pony exhaling

Eis forExhale

You exhale when you breathe out. The opposite of exhale is inhale.

Eis forExpand

To expand means to take up more space or grow bigger. As you blow up a balloon, it expands.

Eis forExplain

You explain something when you make something easy to understand, or say how to do it in easy steps. An explanation for something is a reason for it.