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Verbs that start with R

Verbs that start with R

Verbs are things you do. Action words!
Photo of people with raised hands

Ris forRaise

You raise something when you move it so it is higher than it was before. The people in the picture have their hands raised.
Photo of someone reaching for the sky

Ris forReach

Reach might mean you arrive somewhere after a journey, as in "she reached home after a long trip away". It might also mean stretching out for something. The picture is of someone reaching for the sky. If you can't reach something no matter how far you stretch out your arms, it is said to be out of reach.
Photo of someone reading a book

Ris forRead

Reading is a way of converting written words into spoken words. You can either read out loud or read inside your head so noone else can hear you. People who can't see can still read books. There are special books made for blind people that have patterns of small bumps instead of letters. This way of writing is called braille.
Photo of a man with a receding hairline

Ris forRecede

Something recedes when it moves away from something else. After a flood, the flood waters gradually recede back to where they were. The man in the picture has a receding hairline, which means his hairline is moving away from where it once was.
Photo of a recycling plant

Ris forRecycle

Recycling is the process of transforming something that has already been used into something new. Many things can be recycled. The most common things are glass bottles, aluminium cans and paper.

Ris forReflect

Something reflects light if it is shiny enough that the light hits it and bounces back off it. The man in the picture has sunglasses that reflect light.

Ris forRelease

You release something when you set it free, to do as it pleases. The woman in the picture is releasing a butterfly.
Photo of someone fixing a computer

Ris forRepair

Repair is another word for fix or mend.
Photo of a rescue helicopter

Ris forRescue

You rescue someone when you take them away from a dangerous or bad situation. People who are hurt and cannot get out by themselves are rescued and taken to a hospital.
Photo of a reset button

Ris forReset

Resetting something means to either set it again, or to set it back to some kind of previous state. You might reset the time on your clock if you get it wrong the first time, or reset a computer so it is back to a freshly started up state.