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Photo of peaches

Words that rhyme with -eech

List of words that end with a "eech " sound

Bis forBeach

A beach is the sandy edge of the sea or a lake. A beach is sometimes called the shore. People like to go down to the beach and sit in the sun, make sandcastles or go swimming.

Bis forBeech

Scientific name: family: fagaceae
Beech are a group of ten deciduous trees native to cooler regions in Europe, Asia and North America. Beech is grown both as an ornamental garden tree and for its wood.
Photo of a bleached stop sign

Bis forBleach

Bleach is a chemical that removes colors. It is often used when washing stained white linen, like sheets and tablecloths, and people often bleach their hair to a lighter color. Things will often bleach naturally from the action of sunlight, without chemical help. The word 'bleach' can be used as a verb, as in to bleach something.
Photo of a leech

Lis forLeech

Scientific name: phylum: annelida, subclass: hirudinea
Leeches are in the same family as earthworms. Not all leeches are bloodsuckers, but the ones people are most familiar with are. They grow to around 2-5cm long but some species reach 30cm. Leeches live in damp, swampy areas. Leeches have adapted one end of them into a sucker, so they can attach to a host. They inject anaesthetic in as they bite, so the host cannot feel them, and then an anti-clotting agent so the host's blood flows freely. Leeches stay stuck to their host until they are full, then they drop off.
Photo of peaches

Pis forPeach

Scientific name: prunus persica
Peaches are a large, pale orange fruit related to plums, apricots and cherries. The outside of the peach fruit is covered in fine fuzz, which some people don't like. A fuzzless peach is called a nectarine. Peaches are usually eaten fresh or preserved in jars or tins.
Photo of someone reaching for the sky

Ris forReach

Reach might mean you arrive somewhere after a journey, as in "she reached home after a long trip away". It might also mean stretching out for something. The picture is of someone reaching for the sky. If you can't reach something no matter how far you stretch out your arms, it is said to be out of reach.

Sis forSpeech

Speech is the ability to talk. In a more formal context, a speech is a structured and generally quite long talk given in front of an audience. The man in the picture is giving a speech.
Photo of a man teaching a class.

Tis forTeacher

A teacher is someone who helps other people learn about new things. In a school, a teacher teaches students how to read and write and how to do maths. As children get older their teachers educate them about more complicated things.
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