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Photo of a spider

List of arachnids

Eight-legged creatures.

Photo of a harvestman
Scientific name: order: opiliones
Harvestmen are a group of arachnids with long, spindly legs. They look very similar to spiders, and like spiders they come in a huge variety of colors and sizes.

Mis forMite

Mites are small, generally parasitic arachnids very closely related to ticks. Some mites are so small you need a microscope. Some mites infest animals, including insects, others infest plants. The mite in the picture is on a bee's head.
Photo of a scorpion

Sis forScorpion

Scientific name: order: scorpiones
Scorpions are arachnids found all over the world except for New Zealand. They live in all kinds of areas, from rainforests to deserts and can vary in size from a few centimetres to a few inches long. They are related to the spider. All scorpions are venomous, but only some scorpions are big enough and poisonous enough to kill a person.
Photo of a spider.

Sis forSpider

Spiders are a kind of animal known as an arachnid, and they are related to the scorpion. All spiders have a head, body, eight legs and no wings. Spiders come in a variety of colours, but most are brown or grey. They range from so small you can hardly see them, right up to the size of a plate.
Scientific name: family: theraphosidae
A tarantula is the name for a group of several species of spider. Tarantulas are very large, and very hairy - they are big hairy spiders! Some people keep them as pets.
Photo of a dog tick

Tis forTick

Scientific name: order: ixodida
Ticks are parasitic arachnids. The live off the blood of animals. They often spread diseases as they move from host to host.