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Photo of a brick wall.

Words that rhyme with -ick

List of words that end with a "ick " sound

Ais forAcademic

Academic describes something that is educational or related to school. If learning and studying are easy for a student, she can be described as academic.

Ais forAcidic

Something is acidic if it can be used as an acid. Many common things are acidic. Lemon and orange juice are quite acidic.

Ais forAcoustic

Something is acoustic if it relates to sound. For example, the picture is of acoustic insulation, which is used to dampen sound in places like recording studios. Musical instruments that are not electronically enhanced are called acoustic instruments.
Photo of Arabic text

Ais forArabic

Arabic is a language spoken in a number of countries in the Middle East and northern Africa.

Ais forAspic

Aspic is a savory dish of meat, fish, eggs or other food set in gelatin.

Ais forAthletic

If you are athletic, you are physically fit due to playing sports or exercising.

Bis forBrick

Many houses have walls that are made out of bricks. Bricks are hard, rectangular objects usually made from clay. They are very heavy.
Photo of the Buick logo

Bis forBuick

Buick is a brand of car made by GM in the United States.
The flag of the Central African Republic.
The Central African Republic is a country located in Central Africa. The capital of the Central African Republic is Bangui. People in the Central African Republic speak French and Sango.
Photo of ceramic teapots

Cis forCeramic

Ceramic is a material that is made from another material by heating it up so it changes its internal structure, and then letting it cool off again. Most ceramics are made from clay, which is soft and brittle before it is fired, and much harder and stronger afterwards. Glass is another example of a ceramic. It is made by heating sand.