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Photo of a spider

Words that rhyme with -der

List of words that end with a "der " sound

Photo of an adder

Ais forAdder

Scientific name: vipera berus
An adder is the name given to the common European viper. These snakes are venomous.
Photo of an angle grinder
An angle grinder, also called a side grinder or disc grinder is a device used for cutting or polishing very hard substances like metal and stone.
Photo of an armada

Ais forArmada

A group of ships, particularly military vessels or a Navy is called an armada.
Photo of a bartender
A bartender is someone who serves alcoholic drinks at a pub or bar.
Photo of a garden border

Bis forBorder

A border is the outside edge of something. Borders on book pages and gardens can be very decorative. The garden in the picture has a path around it as a border.
Photo of some boulders

Bis forBoulder

A boulder is a large, weathered rock that is not attached to other rocks. The picture is of a pile of boulders.
Photo of the Canadian flag

Cis forCanada

Canada is a country north of America. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. People in Canada speak French and English.
Photo of a cedar tree

Cis forCedar

Scientific name: family: pinaceae, genus: cedrus
Cedar is a group of pine tree originally found at high altitudes in the Himalayas. Cedar wood is scented by its oil, and is very long lasting. It can be used to make roof shingles and siding that will not rot. Cedar wood is a natural moth repellant, and with that property and the nice smell cedar is a popular choice for making furniture that you keep clothes in.

Cis forChowder

Chowder is a north American name for seafood soup or stew. Chowder usually has a cream base, but can sometimes have a tomato base. Soups or stews that are creamy and similar to chowder but do not have seafood in them are sometimes called chowder too.

Cis forCicada

Scientific name: family: cicadidae
Cicadas are big, noisy insects that can be found all over the world. Most species are about 2-5cm long but some grow to 16cm long. Only male cicadas make the noise, and they are partly hollow to make the noise louder. Female cicadas are not hollow, and as they are very big and meaty, some people eat them. Cicadas spend the first part of their life underground as nymphs, a time of their life which can last for up to 17 years. When the nymphs come to the surface, they shed their skin and emerge as winged adult cicadas.