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Photo of origami

Words that rhyme with -me

List of words that end with a "me " sound

Photo of an army of caterpillars
A group of caterpillars is called an army. Sometimes a group of ants is called an army too.
Photo of soldiers
The Army is the military forces of a particular country. The Army is usually distinct from the Navy or the Air Force.

Bis forBalmy

Balmy describes pleasantly warm weather. If it's a good day to go to the beach, the weather is balmy.
Photo of me
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Mis forMe

This is a photo of me. I made this website. When you say "me" you are talking about yourself.
Photo of Miami

Mis forMiami

Miami is a city in Florida. It has a population of around 5.5 million.
Photo of a mummy

Mis forMummy

A mummy is a preserved dead body, animal or human. Mummies can be made by deliberately preserving them, or accidentally by extreme environmental conditions. The process of preserving a body is called mummification. In ancient Egypt, it was common for dead bodies to be ritually preserved for burial. Mummified bodies typically had the internal organs removed and were then dried, by desert sand or salt, and anointed with oils and perfumes and wrapped.
Model Naomi Campbell.

Nis forNaomi

Naomi is a Hebrew name for girls. Naomi means "pleasant." The woman in the picture is model Naomi Campbell.

Ois forOrigami

Origami is a traditional Japanese art of folding paper. Generally only one piece of paper is used, without cutting and without glue, and all sorts of interesting shapes can be made. The picture is of a collection of origami cranes.
Photo of a woman's stomach

Tis forTummy

Tummy or belly is a slang word for the part of your body where your stomach is.