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Photo of a woman playing tennis.

Words that rhyme with -iss

List of words that end with a "iss " sound

Photo of an abyss

Ais forAbyss

An abyss is a space that you cannot measure how deep it is. It can also be used to refer to anything you cannot measure or comprehend, eg "the abyss of the soul".
Annapolis is the capital of the state of Maryland in the United States of America. It has a population of about 38,000.
Photo of a dog in bliss

Bis forBliss

Bliss is a state of extreme happiness, joy and contentment.

Dis forDismiss

You dismiss someone when you let them go away from you.

Dis forDiss

Diss is an abbreviation of the word disrespect. Diss is used as slang, especially among hip hop and graffiti artists. If you diss someone, you have insulted them.
Actress Doris Roberts.

Dis forDoris

Doris is a Greek name for girls. Doris means "gift." The woman in the picture is actress Doris Roberts.
Photo of a haggis

His forHaggis

Haggis is a traditional Scottish pudding. It is made from minced sheep's heart, liver and lungs, mixed with diced onion, oatmeal, fat and spices. The whole lot is put into a sheep's stomach and simmered for around three hours. It tastes a lot better than it sounds.
Photo of a cat hissing

His forHiss

A hiss is a sharp noise made by animals like cats, snakes and geese when they are angry. Air escaping at high speed from a small hole can also make a hissing noise, for example when you fill your tyres with air, you often hear hissing sounds.
Photo of Indianapolis
Indianapolis is the capital of the state of Indiana in the United States of America. It has a population of around 1.8 million.
Photo of an iris
The iris is the colored part of your eye. The iris is a muscle that opens and closes the pupil in the center of your eye, controlling how much light reaches the inside of your eye.