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Photo of a doorknob

Words that rhyme with -ob

List of words that end with a "ob " sound

Bis forBlob

A blob is like a globule. It is something with no particular shape, used to describe a lump of something soft and squishy or something you can't quite make out, for example "at this distance, Harry was just a blob".

Bis forBob

Bob is a shortened form of the name Robert. The man in the picture is musician Bob Marley.
Photo of carob pods

Cis forCarob

Scientific name: ceratonia siliqua
The carob is a small tree from the Mediterranean area. It will grow in a wide variety of soils and climates as long as it is not waterlogged. The young trees are frost sensitive but mature trees are frost tolerant, and the tree is drought tolerant and will even grow in slightly salty soils. Carobs grow big seed pods that start green like in the picture and gradually turn dark, wrinkly brown over a year and then fall off. Carobs are related to peas. Carob seedpods are sweet and can be dried, roasted and ground and used to make a chocolate substitute.
Photo of a male swan
A male swan is called a cob.
A cotton swab is a wad of cotton at either end (or just one end) of a short stick. Cotton swabs are useful for cleaning in places you can't reach with your fingers.

Dis forDoorknob

A door knob or door handle is the part of the door you hold to open or close a door.

Fis forFob

A fob is either the small pocket in a waistcoat that you keep a watch in, or the chain attached to the kind of watch you keep in a waistcoat pocket. People used to keep their watches on chains in their pockets before it was popular to wear them on your wrist.

Jis forJob

A job is a task that people do, usually for money. Some jobs are small, like mowing the lawn, and some jobs you might do every weekday for many years, like working in a factory.
A rounded glass doorknob.

Kis forKnob

A knob is a tool used to aid in the opening and closing of something, such as a door or a drawer. A knob is often rounded to make it easier to grasp and turn.
Photo of a mob of kangaroos

Mis forMob

A group of kangaroos, wallabies or emus is called a mob.