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Photo of a chandelier.

List of home decor

Things that you have around your house to make it look nicer.

Photo of an ashtray

Ais forAshtray

An ashtray is a shallow bowl, usually with indentations on the edges, that is used to put cigarette butts into.
Photo of some baseboards
A baseboard, also called a skirting board, mopboard, floor molding, or base molding is a decorative piece of wood used to hide the join between the wall and the floor.
Photo of books and bookends

Bis forBookend

A bookend is a heavy object that is used to keep a line of books from falling over. Bookends usually come in pairs, one at each end of a row of books.

Bis forBust

A bust is a portrait of someone from the chest up. A bust is most often a sculpture.
Photo of a candle

Cis forCandle

Candles used to be the main source of light for people long ago before light bulbs and electricity were invented. Candles are made out of a piece of string, or wick, which is surrounded by wax. When the candle is first lit you set the wick on fire but once the wick is burning it melts the wax, so after that first few moments the candle burns the wax not the wick.

Cis forCeiling

The ceiling is the part of a room that is directly above the floor. Ceilings are usually painted white and sometimes have lights like chandeliers on them.
Photo of a chandelier
A chandelier is a decorative light fitting you often find in houses. There can be a huge variety of styles and shapes of chandelier. Some are held up with chains, others are decorated with crystals.
A Christmas tree is a pine tree (real or plastic) that is brought inside at Christmas time as part of the Christmas traditions. It is usually covered with colourful lights and decorations. Often a star or an angel is put at the very top of the tree, and the Christmas presents are put underneath.

Cis forCurtain

Curtains (or drapes) are pieces of cloth hung on the inside of a window. People have curtains to keep light out so they can sleep, or to stop other people from looking in.

Cis forCushion

A cushion is a soft, pretty, stuffed bag that is usually square. Cushions can be used to make a hard wooden chair soft, or to put on the ground so you don't have to sit on hard ground. But mostly cushions are just thrown onto a lounge to make it look better.