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Photo of a bath.

List of bathroom items

Things you might find in a bathroom, from things you can hold in your hand right through to built in furniture.

Photo of a bath.

Bis forBath

A bath is a large container you can fill with warm water and sit in to wash yourself. Baths are very relaxing and are wonderful if you are feeling sore.
Photo of a bathroom

Bis forBathroom

A bathroom is a room that generally contains a combination of a washbasin or sink, a bath and a toilet. In some countries, a bathroom always has a toilet in it, in other countries the toilet is often found in a separate room. Other items like bidets and even spa baths can also be found in bathrooms. Some luxury bathrooms include hot tubs and spas. Hot tubs and spas are designed to provide ultimate enjoyment, ease, endurance and efficiency.
Photo of a bathtub

Bis forBathtub

A bathtub is a large container that you get inside to wash yourself. Most people call bathtubs baths, or just tubs.
Photo of a bidet

Bis forBidet

A bidet is a plumbing fixture, normally found in the bathroom next to the toilet. You sit on it after you use the toilet, and it cleans your bottom for you with jets of water. Some bidets are an attachment inside the bowl of the toilet itself, not a separate fixture.
Photo of a bleached stop sign

Bis forBleach

Bleach is a chemical that removes colors. It is often used when washing stained white linen, like sheets and tablecloths, and people often bleach their hair to a lighter color. Things will often bleach naturally from the action of sunlight, without chemical help. The word 'bleach' can be used as a verb, as in to bleach something.
Photo of someone blowdrying their hair
A blowdrier, blowdryer, or hair dryer is a small electric device that blows hot air from one end. It can be pointed at your hair while it is still damp, and the warm air dries your hair. Blowdriers can also be used to make your hair into a new style.
Photo of a hairbrush

Bis forBrush

A brush is something you use to make your hair neat and tidy, and remove any knots and tangles in your hair.

Cis forCologne

Cologne is a kind of perfume. It might refer to a specific kind of perfume, or a general name for a perfume used by men. Cologne is also a city in Germany.
Photo of a comb

Cis forComb

A comb is something with many fine teeth all pointing the same way. You use it to straighten your hair so it is neat and tidy.
Conditioner is something you put in your hair after you shampoo it to make your hair nice and soft and shiny.