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Photo of an asteroid

Words that rhyme with -oid

List of words that end with a "oid " sound

Photo of an annoyed cat

Ais forAnnoyed

If someone or something is annoying you, you are annoyed. If you annoy someone for long enough, they will become angry.

Ais forAsteroid

An asteroid is very similar to a comet - it is a large rock that orbits the sun. Comets have a tail, while asteroids do not. Smaller rocks, from the size of a grain of sand to a large bounder are called meteoroids. When they enter the Earth's atmosphere, they are called meteors. If they hit the ground, they are called meteorites. The photo is of a meteorite.
Destroyed is the past tense of destroy.
Photo of men pouring cement

Eis forEmployed

You are employed if you have a job. Employed is also the past tense of employ.