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Photo of holly berries

Words that rhyme with -olly

List of words that end with a "olly " sound

Border collies are a breed of herding dog originally from an area near the border of Scotland and England. They are thought to be the most intelligent dog, and the best herder. They are extremely energetic and if they are going to be kept as a pet not a working dog will need lots of regular exercise, stimulation and be very well trained. They are not well suited to families with small children.

Bis forBroccoli

Scientific name: brassica oleracea
Broccoli is the unopened flower of a kind of cabbage. It is closely related to the cauliflower.
Photo of some old dolls

Dis forDolly

Dolly is a pet name for a doll.
Photo of European holly

His forHolly

Scientific name: ilex aquifolium
European holly is a flowering, evergreen small tree or shrub with glossy, prickly leaves and red berries. The berries are not good to eat, and will make you feel sick and vomit. Lots of birds and animals can eat them though. Holly is associated with Christmas.
Photo of lollies

Lis forLolly

A lolly is another name for candy in some countries.
Photo of a molly

Mis forMolly

Scientific name: genus: Poecilia
Mollies are a large group of small fish that are popular as pets.

Pis forPolly

Polly is a popular name for a parrot.
Rough collies are a long-haired breed of medium-sized to large dog originally used to herd animals in Scotland. They are not a nervous or agressive dog and are good with children. They make good family pets. The most famous rough collie is Lassie, so some people call this kind of dog a Lassie dog.
Photo of Tripoli, Libya

Tis forTripoli

Tripoli is the capital of Libya. It has a population of around 1.8 million.