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List of slang words

Informal words.Slang words are colorful, and often rude and should not be used in formal speech.

Photo of a woman's stomach

Bis forBelly

Belly or tummy is a slang word for the part of your body where your stomach is.

Bis forBloke

Bloke is an English or Australian slang word for man, particularly an ordinary man.

Bis forBooze

Booze is a slang term for any alcoholic drink, particularly whiskey.

Cis forCop

A cop is a slang word that is short for a police officer.

Dis forDiss

Diss is an abbreviation of the word disrespect. Diss is used as slang, especially among hip hop and graffiti artists. If you diss someone, you have insulted them.
Photo of some old dolls

Dis forDolly

Dolly is a pet name for a doll.
Photo of grog

Gis forGrog

Grog is a slang term for alcoholic drinks, particularly strong ones.
Photo of a young man

Gis forGuy

Guy is a slang word for a man, but can also be used to refer to people of either gender. For example, "Hey guys!"
Photo of a cute kitten

Kis forKitty

Kitty is a slang word for a cat, particularly a cat you are fond of.
Photo of a mutt

Mis forMutt

Mutt is a slang word used to describe any dog, particularly a mixed breed dog or mongrel.