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Photo of a dog

Types of dogs

Man's best friend in all his shapes and sizes.

Photo of an afghan hound
Afghan hounds are a large, slim dog with a long, silky coat that gives them a very distinctive appearance. They are a very old breed from the mountains of Afghanistan, developed to find hares and gazelles. They are an independant dog, and are not easily trained. Even when trained, they aren't always obedient and will ignore commands they don't feel like obeying.
Photo of an airedale terrier
Airedale terriers are originally from Yorkshire in England, and are one of the largest terriers. They have a very wirey coat and shed very little, especially if they are kept well groomed. Airedales were originally bred to hunt otters, but today are used as a police dog or as a pet. They are strong-willed, stubborn, and can be difficult to train.

Ais forAkita

Akitas are large dogs originally from Japan, and are descended from one of the oldest dog breeds. The breed is currently split into two - the American Akita and the Akita Inu. The American breed is larger, and a lot more colours are allowed. Akitas are a friendly, playful dog that needs lots of exercise. They can be boisterous around children, and can also be dominant so they need to be well-trained.
Photo of a basset hound
Basset hounds are dogs with very short legs. They were bred as scent hounds, to track rabbits by smell. Basset hounds are white with coloured patches.

Bis forBeagle

Beagles are a small to medium sized breed of dog developed in Great Britain. They were originally bred as a hound that tracks game like rabbits by following their smell. Today they are often used at Customs for sniffing out illegal goods. They have an even temperament and are popular pets.
Photo of a blue heeler
Blue heelers, also called Australian cattle dogs, are a medium-sized, energetic dog that was originally bred to herd cattle. They have dense, coarse hair. When they are kept as a pet rather than a working dog, they need lots of exercise and activities to keep them occupied or they get bored and destructive. As they herd cattle by nipping at them, they can be a nippy dog and will need chew toys. They can become very loyal to their owners and aggressive to anyone else they consider a threat.
Border collies are a breed of herding dog originally from an area near the border of Scotland and England. They are thought to be the most intelligent dog, and the best herder. They are extremely energetic and if they are going to be kept as a pet not a working dog will need lots of regular exercise, stimulation and be very well trained. They are not well suited to families with small children.
Boxers are medium-sized, short-haired dogs. They have a large, square head and a very strong jaw. They can bite and hold onto large prey. Boxers were bred from the English bulldog. Boxers are very energetic and playful dogs and are good with children. They are not aggressive but do need to be trained and socialised.
Photo of a bull terrier
Bull terriers are a breed of dog with a distinctive "egg shaped" head and triangular eyes. They were originally bred to hunt vermin and for animal blood sports. Bull terriers are loyal, polite and obedient and make good family pets, but need firm leadership and supervision. They don't like being left alone, so will not be for everyone. They are a very energetic dog and may be boisterous around very small children. They are not suitable for a household with other pets as they may be aggressive towards them, and are recommended for experienced dog owners.
Photo of a bulldog.

Bis forBulldog

British Bulldogs are a very stocky breed of dog. They have lots of loose folds of skin around their shoulders. They have a wide head, also with lots of skin folds, a short muzzle and an underbite. Bulldogs have been bred to be friendly and docile and despite their reputation and scary looks, they make good family pets.