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Photo of cockles.

Words that rhyme with -ckle

List of words that end with a "ckle " sound

Photo of someone with a handkerchief

Ais forAllergic

You are allergic to something if your body has a bad reaction to it. Allergic reactions can include getting a rash, sneezing, getting watery eyes or having difficulty breathing. People are often allergic to dogs or cats, pollen or insect stings.
Photo of someone with their ankles up.

Ais forAnkle

Your ankle is the joint between your foot and your leg. You can feel quite a bump on the side of your ankles.

Ais forAxle

An axle is a shaft that goes through the center of a wheel, which the wheel rotates around. One axle may have only one wheel or many wheels on it. Axles generally only have two wheels on them, one at each end.

Bis forBarnacle

Barnacles live only in the sea. They are related to crabs and lobsters. Barnacles stick themselves to a surface and live there in the same place for their entire adult lives. You usually see them on the beach stuck to rocks, or stuck to the bottom of boats. They eat small sea creatures that drift past them in the water.

Bis forBicycle

A bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle. Bikes are normally powered by you pedalling. They can be hard for very young children to ride, so children often have tricycles instead.

Bis forBuckle

A buckle is a type of fastening usually used on leather belts and shoes. Buckles can be adjusted, as the prong part of the buckle fits through a hole, and you can have many holes on a strap.
Photo of a group of hyenas
A group of hyenas is called a cackle.
Photo of a caracal

Cis forCaracal

Scientific name: caracal caracal
A caracal is a slender, muscular, medium-sized wild cat with long legs and a short tail. It is from areas of Africa, west and south Asia. Caracals usually live alone. Female caracals are very territorial, but males will roam over a very large area. Caracals are closely related to servals.
Photo of a cat in a pot.

Cis forCircle

A circle is a shape with one long, curved edge that is the same size in all directions. Things that are like a circle are often called round. The circle in this picture is a pot, with a cat asleep in it.

Cis forCockle

Scientific name: family: cardiidae
Cockles are related to clams, mussels and snails. They have a shell in two parts joined by a hinge. Cockles burrow into sandy beaches and eat tiny creatures in the water that washes over them. Cockles can be caught and eaten. They are cooked in much the same way as other similar creatures like mussels.