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Photo of a man on a motorbike.

List of vehicles

Anything that can move and carry people around, be it powered by an engine, the wind, or by pedalling it yourself.

Photo of an airplane.

Ais forAirplane

An airplane, or aeroplane, is a vehicle powered by an engine that flies through the air. A plane without engines is called a glider. Planes can be so small they only fit one or two people, right up to very big passenger planes that can carry hundreds of people and their luggage.
Photo of an ambulance
An ambulance is a type of van that is used to take sick or injured people to a hospital or doctor's surgery. Ambulances often have emergency equipment in them so ambulance officers can save people's lives when they arrive instead of just driving them to the hospital. Ambulances are also used to take people from one hospital to another. The word 'ambulance' is written backwards on the front of an ambulance so people in cars can read the writing in their rear view mirrors.
Photo of a blue vehicle
An automobile is simply an old-fashioned or formal name for a car.
Photo of a barge

Bis forBarge

A barge is a low boat with a flat bottom that was originally designed to move by being towed or pushed along. Barges were once propelled by pushing them along using a bargepole, or were pulled by a horse walking along the shore. Modern barges are propelled by motors.

Bis forBicycle

A bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle. Bikes are normally powered by you pedalling. They can be hard for very young children to ride, so children often have tricycles instead.
Photo of a blimp.

Bis forBlimp

A blimp is very similar to a zeppelin, but a blimp does not have a supporting structure inside the big, bullet-shaped balloon that holds it up. Blimps have a compartment under them for people to ride in, and are moved forward by propellors.
Photo of a boat

Bis forBoat

A boat is a vehicle that travels over water. Boats may be driven by the wind, by a motor, or by paddling them, like a canoe.
Photo of a yellow school bus

Bis forBus

A bus is a large vehicle that is driven on roads. Buses are designed for carrying large numbers of people and their luggage.

Cis forCab

A cab is the front part of a truck where the driver sits. Cab is also another name for a taxi.
Photo of two men paddling a canoe

Cis forCanoe

A canoe is a small, narrow boat that moves forward as you paddle, like the people in the picture.