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Photo of an arm.

Words that rhyme with -arm

List of words that end with a "arm " sound

Ais forAlarm

An alarm is a device or a signal that warns people of something happening that they need to pay attention to, such as a fire, a burglary or just that they need to wake up!
Photo of an arm

Ais forArm

You have two arms, one on each side. They are connected to the rest of your body at your shoulder. Your hands are at the ends of each of your arms.
Photo of a calm lake

Cis forCalm

It is calm weather when there is no wind. In general, something is calm if it is almost still, with very little movement and excitement. The opposite of calm is excited.
Photo of a farm.

Fis forFarm

A farm is a large area owned by a farmer. On a farm, animals and crops are grown on a big scale. A farmer may have hundreds of acres of wheat and thousands of sheep or cows. Farms are where food is grown for all the people who live in cities all over the world. Farms can have many crops or just one or two. A farmer might have an apple farm, or a chicken farm instead of having lots of different things.

Fis forForearm

Your forearm is the lower part of your arm, between your wrist and elbow.
The palm of your hand.

Pis forPalm

Your palm is the inner part of your hand between your wrist and your fingers.