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Photo of a perfect rose

Positive words

Adjectives relating to positive concepts.

Something is beautiful if it gives you great pleasure to see, hear or experience. The rose in the picture is beautiful.
Photo of prize winning cupcakes

Bis forBest

Something is best if nothing is better than it. When you win a competition, it means you are the best. The opposite of best is worst.
Photo of a man being awarded for bravery

Bis forBrave

Someone is brave if they do something that would make other people afraid. The man in the picture is getting an award for bravery.
Photo of a calm lake

Cis forCalm

It is calm weather when there is no wind. In general, something is calm if it is almost still, with very little movement and excitement. The opposite of calm is excited.
Photo of clean wine glasses

Cis forClean

Something is clean if it has no dirt or marks to spoil its looks, and it is neat and tidy. The opposite of clean is messy or dirty.
Photo of a comfortable dog
Something is comfortable if it feels nice to use. You are comfortable if you feel good and at ease while doing something. The dog in the picture is in a very comfortable chair.
Photo of a cute kitten

Cis forCute

Something is cute if it is attractive, and small or young. Things that are often described as cute include kittens, puppies and babies, but many other things can be called cute too.

Dis forDelicate

Something is delicate if it has fine detail, or is fragile. A color or flavor is delicate if there is only the barest hint of it.
Photo of an elegant woman

Eis forElegant

Something or someone is elegant if it is gracefully refined and dignified.
Photo of an excited woman

Eis forExcited

You are excited when you are really really happy about something. People get excited when they win the lottery, or are about to go away on holidays. Children often get excited at parties. People who are excited sometimes jump up and down and wave their arms around.