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Photo of sheep.

Words that rhyme with -eep

List of words that end with a "eep " sound

Photo of a sleeping cat

Ais forAsleep

You are asleep if you are sleeping. The cat in the picture is asleep.
Photo of a horn

Bis forBeep

A beep is a sound some horns and electronics like older computers make. My car's horn goes beep-beep!
Photo of some cheap CDs

Cis forCheap

Something is cheap if you pay less than you expect to buy it. Cheap is relative, so a cheap wedding dress can cost a lot more than an expensive meal.

Dis forDeep

Water is called deep if you cannot touch the bottom with your feet when you stand in it. Deep water can be found in the sea, or at the diving end of a pool. Wells and mines are very deep but don't always have water in them. The man in the picture is diving in some very deep water.
Photo of a heap of rubble

His forHeap

A heap is a large pile of similar things, making a big mound. It is also a slang word for a lot of something, for example "I have a heap of homework to do tonight".
Photo of a jeep

Jis forJeep

A jeep is a fairly small, rugged, four wheel drive vehicle generally used by the military. Similar vehicles used by people outside the military are called jeeps too.
Photo of a woman leaping

Lis forLeap

Leap is another word for jump, particularly a big jump. The woman in the picture is leaping up into the air.

Lis forLepe

A group of leopards is called a lepe or leap.
Photo of baby chicks
A peep is a small, soft, high-pitched sound that is made by baby birds.