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Photo of a duck quacking.

List of sounds

Interesting noises that people and animals make.

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Ais forAccent

Someone has an accent when they speak if you can tell that they normally speak in a different language to the one they are talking in now. You can also have an accent if you travel to a different area where people speak the same language but in a different way.
Photo of a dog barking.
The noise a dog makes is called a bark. It can be written as woof, yap, ruff or bow-wow. The dog in the picture is barking at the camera.
Photo of a horn

Bis forBeep

A beep is a sound some horns and electronics like older computers make. My car's horn goes beep-beep!

Bis forBleat

Bleating is the noise sheep make. People also say that sheep go baa or maa.

Bis forBray

Bray is the name given to the noise a donkey makes.
Photo of a man burping

Bis forBurp

Scientific name: eructation
A burp or belch is gas coming up from your stomach, through your mouth. Burps can be very loud, and can smell bad too.
Photo of a bee

Bis forBuzz

A buzz is a kind of sharp humming sound, like the noise of a bee or some kinds of machinery.
Photo of a bird tweeting.

Cis forChirp

Chirp is another word for tweet, which is a noise that smaller birds make.
Photo of clinking glasses

Cis forClink

A clink is the light, high-pitched ringing noise that is made when you lightly hit glass or thin pieces of metal. Clink can also be used as a verb; the people in the picture are clinking their glasses together.
Photo of a chicken.

Cis forCluck

Clucking is the noise chickens make.