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Photo of bent metal

Words that rhyme with -ent

List of words that end with a "ent " sound


Ais forAbsent

Absent means something or someone is missing. If you don't go to school, you are absent from class.
Something that is absorbent will soak up any liquids it comes into contact with. Sponges are absorbent.

Ais forAccent

Someone has an accent when they speak if you can tell that they normally speak in a different language to the one they are talking in now. You can also have an accent if you travel to a different area where people speak the same language but in a different way.
Photo of a boy who had an accident on a go kart.

Ais forAccident

An accident is something that happens when you are not expecting it, and that you didn't mean to have happen. The opposite of something happening by accident is happening deliberately, or on purpose.
Photo of some advertisements.
An advertisement a way of communicating with people, usually through pictures, video and/or text, that makes them do something. Advertising is most often used to try and convince people to buy something. Advertising can also be used to try and convince people to do something, like go see a particular movie, or to quit smoking.

Ais forAncient

Something is ancient if it is from the distant past, or is very old. Most things that are described as ancient are from civilizations that have since fallen.
An appointment is a scheduled time when a meeting will take place, such as a doctor seeing a patient.

Ais forArgument

When two or more people are arguing, they are said to be having an argument.
Photo of a basement

Bis forBasement

A basement is a room that is underneath a house or other building. Basements are often used to store things you aren't using, and usually have water heaters, washing machines and other utilities in them. The term "basement" is US-centric. Other countries are more likely to have a cellar than a basement.

Bis forBent

Something is bent if it should have been straight but instead it has a sharp curve or angle in it. Bent can also be used to describe someone who is really set on doing something, as in "Bob was bent on getting a new car before Christmas".