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Photo of a hand writing

Types of communication

Ways for people to communicate with each other.

Photo of an addressed parcel

Ais forAddress

An address is a written representation of where someone lives or works, so you can send them mail and know it will reach them.
Photo of some advertisements.
An advertisement a way of communicating with people, usually through pictures, video and/or text, that makes them do something. Advertising is most often used to try and convince people to buy something. Advertising can also be used to try and convince people to do something, like go see a particular movie, or to quit smoking.

Ais forAdvice

Advice is a kind of communication where you give some kind of information. Advice often takes the form of giving some information about different choices to help someone make that choice.
Photo of two men arguing

Ais forArgue

An argument is a kind of conversation where two or more people who disagree with each other all put forward the reasons for their side of an argument. A structured argument is usually called a debate, and an argument that gets very heated can turn into a fight.

Ais forArgument

When two or more people are arguing, they are said to be having an argument.
Photo of an autograph
An autograph is the signature of a famous person, usually made out to someone who admires them. Some people collect autographs, and they can be valuable, especially after the famous person has died.
Photo of the banner

Bis forBanner

A banner is similar to a flag, usually being made from fabric and carrying some kind of message. Banners tend to be hung where a lot of people can see them.
Photo of a billboard
A billboard is a very, very large outdoor advertisement. Billboards are usually put near busy roads, so that people driving past in cars can see them from a long way away.
Photo of a man writing on a blackboard
A blackboard, or chalkboard, is a surface you can write on in chalk. Blackboards are usually used in classrooms or to write menus in restaurants.

Bis forBrochure

A brochure is a small book, usually full of pictures and text designed to sell a product or service.